Halide Design was founded with the single goal of bringing high quality audio to the computer. Over the years, a commitment to sound engineering, cutting-edge circuity, and advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed us to create easy-to-use, affordable audio devices for computer audio playback.

The original devilsound DAC is a simple, exellent sounding audio device in a single cable. It is recommended for CD resolution audio (incluing MP3s, lossless compressed files, streaming internet radio, etc.) The circuitry in the devilsound DAC uses a technique found in the audiophile world, known as “non-oversampling” or NOS, to bring a full, organic sound to the music, without the “edginess” frequently associated with digital audio.

S/PDIF Bridge connects to the digital inputs on many existing DACs (digital to analog converters) or audio receivers using a computer USB output. The Bridge supplies an exteremly low-jitter, bit-perfect signal, with no additional S/PDIF cable, for those wanting to bring high resolution computer audio playback to their existing DAC or stereo digital input.

DAC HD is our newest product. It is a USB to analog converter cable similar to the ds DAC but with all new circuitry allowing for high resolution audio (up to 24-bit, 96 kHz). The DAC HD has a beautiful sonic character that we are overjoyed to share. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback so far – check back for more reviews, which will be coming soon.