designed and built for the computer audiophile

Halide Design, formerly devilsound labs, was founded with one goal – bringing the highest quality audio possible to the computer.

Our new S/PDIF Bridge provides a simple, plug and play cable for connecting your computer to the digital audio input (S/PDIF) of your amplifier or DAC.

The Bridge is compatible with virtually any player, and supports resolutions up to 96kHz/24-bit.

New! The Halide S/PDIF Bridge made the Stereophile recommended components list, in the "A" category! Check out the April 2011, "Recommended Components" issue.

Coming Soon ... we're finishing up work on the new Halide DAC HD. This will be a complete re-work of the original devilsound DAC. The new DAC will keep the single cable form factor, but with all new circuitry inside, including the same Streamlength 96/24 aynch receiver code, and an all new 24-bit DAC section.

New! The S/PDIF Bridge was reviewed in the December 2010 issue of Stereophile! In the five page review, John Atkinson compares the Bridge to a pack of competing devices, and finds the Bridge has the lowest measured jitter and first-rate sonics. (read full review)

New! "When I received the Halide Bridge, the sound took a significant change for the better. This wasn’t entirely expected, since the BDA-1 rejects all jitter faster than 10 or 20 Hz, but the change in the sound was undeniable. The dynamic flatness with the Toslink input was gone, while the improved soundstaging, imaging and detail retrieval was preserved. The combination of the Halide Bridge and the BDA-1 was the real ticket. The pair of components managed to improve on every aspect of sound [...]" - Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity.

Computer Audiophile - usb sound card review

"This simple, small, single cable solution incorporates innovative design and the current holy grail of USB implementations asynchronous transfer mode ... There are some fabulous DACs around without USB or FireWire input that will benefit greatly from the Halide Design Bridge. I highly recommend The Bridge from Halide Design ... " — Chris Connaker,, (read full review). Added to the CASH list!