One thought on “The Audio Beat covers the DAC HD

  1. Great read!…….I just bought one of these last week for my primary stereo. I have been looking for a dac for about 6 months for my decware system with tekton design m lores. The only component not made in the US is my Mac mini. So my requirements for a dac was 1 – had to be made in the US. 2 – be able to connect to a computer with lowest possible jitter. 3 – sound quality was paramount.
    I am not one of these people that the component has to be pretty for it to go into my system. Not that the HD is ugly by any means. You can’t see it when hooked up in my system. For me, all I care about is sound quality. If it can’t do that I don’t have time for it. So what does the HD sound like in my system. Well for one…your never getting this dac back from me. The sound seems to compliment all the other components, Halide and decware seem to share some similar goals as does tekton designs. Getting great sound and getting ride of everything in between that doesn’t help the sound be great. So there is a purity that I hear every time I turn it on. My source before this was an oppo 95. I still have the oppo for home theater but for two channel I seem to prefer the HD hooked to the Mac mini. As I said before I base my listening purely on the sonics, the convenience of all my music on a single device is just a bonus.

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