DAC HD in Stereophile: Updated

We are pleased to announce the new DAC HD review by JA in Stereophile is also on the web and can be read here.

To whet your appetite, the closing sentence is “There was something very seductive about the sound of the DAC HD.”

3 thoughts on “DAC HD in Stereophile: Updated

  1. Your link to DAC HD in Stereophile: Updated returns to the same page. It does not link to the article. Don’t you want us to read it?

  2. Art Dudley says: >I was very impressed with the Halide—which, while sounding no more colorful than the DragonFly, presented those timbral colors in a more sophisticated manner, with subtler and more complex gradations between different sounds. The Halide also had more spatial depth with stereo recordings. In other words, the more expensive converter sounded like a more expensive converter, while at the same time tarnishing not at all the humbler product’s extremely good performance and value.


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