audiophile high-fi usb single cable sound card

The Halide DAC HD

Building on the solid foundation of the devilsound DAC, the DAC HD by Halide Design features completely reworked electronics and upgraded cabling. The new architecture features the same Streamlength™ asynchronous USB technology found in the Bridge, allowing for playback of high-resolution audio files with ultra-low jitter.

The DAC HD is a plug-and-play USB soundcard, and compatible with virtually everything.

Manufactured lead-free, RoHS compliant in the USA. All Halide products are sold with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

USB sound card - Inside the custom milled aluminum enclosure, advanced circuitry converts the digital signal from your computer into a pristine analog output for your stereo.
USB audio - In addition, the DAC HD features a special all-black version of the Wireworld Starlight USB cable. The silver-clad wiring on the cable and unique geometery separating the power and data lines allow cabling up to a full seven meters (optional) without loss.
LOK silver RCA cable - Pure silver analog cabling, featuring the Cardas GRCM silver connectors, insure the audio signal arrives at the stereo without degredation.
Snowflake - Cryogenic audio As with the other Halide products, the DAC HD is cryogenically treated to maximize the sonics. Cryogenic treatement results in a smoother, more resolved sound.

Detailed Specifications

  • Power – supplied from USB connection. LC filtered (two pole passive) and down regulated; separate power rails for digital circuitry and master clock.
  • Drivers – Plug and Play, using Streamlength™.
  • Supported rates – 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz (user selectable), at 24 bit resolution.
  • Advanced, completely redesigned electronics for clear, resolved sound.
  • Length – 2 meters standard, other lengths available.